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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with an asbestos related condition?

Mesothelioma, asbestos lung cancer, asbestosis and pleural thickening are all compensatable asbestos conditions.

Unfortunately, you can no longer claim compensation for pleural plaques.

Do you know how you were exposed to asbestos?

When making a claim for asbestos compensation it is important to recall how you were exposed to asbestos.

If you were exposed through employment, note your occupation and any tasks that exposed you to asbestos. For example, many carpenters and joiners were exposed when cutting asbestos sheets for use in fire doors and plumbers were exposed to asbestos lagging when repairing or installing pipework.

If you were not exposed in the workplace, did a family member work with asbestos? Did you come into contact with their work clothes when doing laundry or hugging the person?

Do you know where you were exposed to asbestos?

If you were exposed to asbestos through your occupation, it is important that you try to recall as much information as possible. Company names, dates of employment and site locations can all assist in making a claim.

If you are unable to provide this information, you may still be able to make a claim. We can make enquiries on your behalf for further information.

If you have answered YES to all these questions then you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation for your asbestos related condition.

If you would like to speak to one of our specialist Solicitors about pursuing a claim, please contact us on 0800 058 2737.

Is the company that exposed you to asbestos still trading?

Due to the latency period of asbestos related conditions, many companies that exposed people to asbestos have since ceased trading. This does not mean that a claim cannot be pursued. If we can locate an insurer for the company, they can pay your compensation.

We have an extensive database of companies we have already pursued claims against and have access to insurance search facilities.

Contact us on 0800 058 2737 and we can begin investigations on your behalf, free of charge, today.

What happens if insurers cannot be found to cover my claim?

If we have exhausted all of our archives, searches and databases and the company or insurers cannot be found, we can assist in applying for a payment through a scheme set up by the Government.

If you would like more information please contact us on 0800 058 2737.

A family member sadly passed away due to an asbestos related condition, can a claim still be made?

Yes, a claim can be made on behalf of the Estate and we can do this through the Personal Representative to the Estate. Contact us on 0800 058 2737 for further information.


What is your claim worth?

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