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Financial Help for Mesothelioma Sufferers

Living with mesothelioma is not only difficult physically, emotionally and mentally, it can also have an impact financially. Travelling to medical appointments, parking charges, increased heating bills and food supplements can add up. There are a number of places that … Continue reading

Can Asprin Be Next in the Armourey?

New hybrid Aspirin is the next weapon of choice against mesothelioma, according to a study at The City College of New York. The research, published in the ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, claims that this new compound can actively target cancer … Continue reading

Early Diagnosis of Mesothelioma Hope?

For many years finding mesothelioma early has eluded doctors. However, new research conducted by a Danish team, thinks they may have the answer. An enzyme called MTAP is notably absent in the majority of mesothelioma cells. The team have investigated … Continue reading

Landmark Win Grants Justice and Relief to Thousands

Thousands of workers who have died, or continue to needlessly suffer, won their protracted battle against unscrupulous insurers at the Supreme Court on Wednesday. Judges ruled that insurance liability started at the point an employee was exposed to asbestos dust, … Continue reading