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The Pioneering Women of Asbestos

In order to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March, we have chosen this newsletter to highlight the unsung heroes in the on-going battle against asbestos. As expected, much of what is written about asbestos and its deadly effects have … Continue reading

World Cancer Day 2013

Monday, 4th February 2013 is World Cancer Day. This is a day set aside to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer. This year’s day focuses on target 5 of the World Cancer … Continue reading

Asbestos in North America and Canada Petition

While the use of all asbestos was banned in the UK under a 1999 ruling, other countries still allow asbestos to be used. The U.S. and Canadian Governments both allow asbestos to be used in some products and in Canada … Continue reading

Pleural Plaques Early Day Motion

An Early Day Motion has been submitted with regard to potential future recovery of compensation for asbestos related pleural plaques. At present, compensation is not available in England and Wales for those diagnosed with pleural plaques.  The anomaly however, is … Continue reading