Welsh Law Bid for Repayment of Asbestos Medical Bills

A Welsh Assembly Member, Mick Antoniw has introduced a Bill which could result in insurers footing the bill for costs to the NHS relating to the treatment of asbestos disease patients.

Mr Antoniw is a former Solicitor who represented patients with asbestos-related conditions.

Government statistics show that 4,500 people die each year from asbestos-related conditions with mesothelioma being the main cause of death.

It is estimated that £2m a year is spent treating asbestos patients and Mr Antoniw wishes the Welsh Government to have the power to recover these costs from guilty Defendant insurers, once liability for the asbestos related condition has been established.

The Bill was introduced on the 3rd December and is currently at its first review stage where the general principles of the Bill will be considered. A Meeting was scheduled for the 10th January when evidence was to be discussed.