Pleural Plaques Early Day Motion

An Early Day Motion has been submitted with regard to potential future recovery of compensation for asbestos related pleural plaques.

At present, compensation is not available in England and Wales for those diagnosed with pleural plaques.  The anomaly however, is that those diagnosed in Scotland and Northern Ireland are currently able to claim compensation.

An Early Day Motion tabled by a group of MP’s who formally call for debate. The motions are rarely debated but their purpose is to draw attention to particular issues.

The pleural plaques and access to compensation Motion states: 

“That this House considers that pleural plaques caused by negligent exposure to asbestos constitute actual harm; calls on the Government to reassess its stance on access to compensation for people suffering pleural plaques caused by exposure to asbestos and allow sufferers to sue their employers where there is proven negligence; and further calls on the Government to adopt the position taken in Scotland whereby sufferers may bring a claim under civil law for compensation where their condition was caused by the negligence of the employer.”

The insurance lobby’s response to the proposal is bound to be predictable but we will keep you informed of any updated developments.