Cancer Talk Week 2013

Monday, 21st January 2013 sees the start of this year’s Macmillan Cancer Talk Week, a week of events and activities to raise awareness of cancer and those who require support.

A diagnosis of cancer can be extremely overwhelming and a very difficult time for everyone involved. Not only do people who have been diagnosed with cancer have to come to terms with their illness, they also have to tell family and friends and this can be difficult for everyone. That is why this year’s Cancer Talk Week focuses on families, how they can be the hardest people to talk to about cancer and how they can be there to support a person after a diagnosis.

Cancer Talk Week tries to encourage those affected by cancer, patients and family and friends, to talk about cancer, their worries and how it affects them and their lives. Macmillan Cancer Support are on hand to help, you can call their helpline 0808 808 00 00 whether it be for advice or just to speak to someone. Their website has an extensive online community of people who have been affected by cancer where you can share your story, get advice and speak to people in the same situation. The website also has a wealth of information about cancer, treatments, financial assistance and many more issues that can assist after a diagnosis of cancer.

If you want to get involved in Cancer Talk Week you can contact your local Macmillan Cancer Support information centre or use the hashtag #whodoyouturnto on Twitter.