Early Diagnosis of Mesothelioma Hope?

For many years finding mesothelioma early has eluded doctors. However, new research conducted by a Danish team, thinks they may have the answer.

An enzyme called MTAP is notably absent in the majority of mesothelioma cells. The team have investigated whether low levels of the enzyme can be detected and the resulting findings can then be used to find an early diagnosis.

For the investigation the researchers tested 99 mesothelioma patients and 39 patients who were suffering from a different type of lung disease.

The results showed that 65% of the mesothelioma patients, in contrast with 23% of the second group, had low levels of the MTAP enzyme.

The researchers believe that their results suggest low levels of MTAP in patients can be used in conjunction with current methods to provide a much more accurate mesothelioma test.

The scientific team believe that this could predict with 90% accuracy the presence of malignant mesothelioma in patients.