Shipping Firm Fined after Exposing Workers to Asbestos

Shipping Firm Fined after Exposing Workers to Asbestos.

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All Leisure Holidays Ltd and Andrew Weir Shipping Ltd have been fined for exposing their workers to asbestos during the refurbishment of one of their ships. Magistrates were informed that that the companies wanted to reduce the amount of flammable and combustible material on board their ship.


Workers began by removing wall panelling and the ceiling in the Tiree Lounge. However, after only a couple of days working they were ordered to stop as there were serious concerns that there was asbestos behind the ceiling panels. Worryingly tests confirmed the presence of the potentially deadly asbestos fibres, which were present not only in the ceiling but also in the debris that the workers had already created.


Asbestos fibres are a cause of concern particularly when they have been disturbed; this is because as they have been released into the atmosphere they are at risk of being inhaled, potentially causing lung cancer or the deadly asbestos cancer, mesothelioma.


A representative of the Health and Safety Executive said that ’All Leisure Holidays Ltd and Andrew Weir Shipping Ltd had both failed to ensure that a suitable and sufficient assessment was made of the risk created by the presence of asbestos and therefore did not take the steps required in order to comply with the regulations.’

Asbestos still causes 4000 deaths per year. Working on or in close proximity to disturbed asbestos without appropriate breathing-apparatus could significantly increase your chances of getting an asbestos related condition.

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