Action Mesothelioma Day 2011 – Wallasey

This year’s Action Mesothelioma Day took place on 1st July 2011 at Wallasey Town Hall.  The day was an opportunity for mesothelioma sufferers, their families and other interested parties to share information about this terrible disease and help raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos exposure.

Dr. Warburton provided an insight into the diagnosis and treatment of mesothelioma.  Andrew MacDonald, Barrister, offered a legal perspective and considered the main issues when dealing with a claim for compensation following a diagnosis of mesothelioma.  Paul Rowen, Former MP for Rochdale, discussed the ongoing risks of asbestos exposure in UK schools.  There was an opportunity to sign a petition which will be presented to the government to bring in a comprehensive programme for dealing with asbestos in schools.  We are hoping to become more actively involved in this campaign.  The recent case of Dianne Willmore has highlighted this great area of risk and action must be taken to protect our current and future school pupils.

John Tootle, Tutor in Construction at Liverpool Community College, considered how students and apprentices should be trained to deal with the ongoing dangers and risks that asbestos poses.  The long legacy of asbestos use in the UK means that there is still a significant amount of asbestos present in buildings and this means continuing risks to all tradesmen.  He discussed the requirement for risk assessments to be carried out and prevention to be at the forefront of employers’ minds.

Sadly the incidence of mesothelioma in the UK continues to rise.  It is estimated that the deaths from mesothelioma will rise to between 1,950 and 2,450 deaths annually sometime between 2011 and 2015.

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