Macmillan Cancertalk Week

Some words are difficult to use, cancer needn’t be one of them.

Each year Macmillan Cancer Support holds Cancertalk Week. This year it is running from 15th to 22nd February. The campaign is to try and get people talking about cancer and with two million people in the UK currently living with a cancer diagnosis, most of us are affected by cancer and need to be able to talk about it.

It is not only important for the patient to have access to information and support, friends and family members can also feel lost when a loved one receives a diagnosis of cancer. The internet can be extremely helpful when looking for facts and information but can also be a source of support and assistance. There are numerous forums, blogs and sites where people affected by cancer share their experiences of living with cancer, the good times and bad, useful tips on dealing with treatments and ways that can help with such a life changing diagnosis.

For this year’s Cancertalk Week, Macmillan have teamed up with Boots to help spread the word, reach those affected by cancer and hopefully help to improve the lives of people with cancer. All Boots stores will stock the Macmillan leaflet, ‘Questions about cancer?’ and this is provided free to anyone who would like a copy. The leaflet provides information about Macmillan’s services, cancer support and where to look for practical, emotional, medical and financial assistance.

In addition to providing information, Boots are also involved in fundraising for Macmillan and are now selling sparkling bag charms for a suggested donation of £1.

You can find further information at: or or on Twitter @macmillancancer or #cancertalk