International Workers Memorial Day

Wednesday 28 April 2010 is International Workers Memorial Day (IWMD). This is a national day of remembrance, not just in the UK, but for many other countries across the world.

At 12 noon on 28 April 2010, Oliver & Co will take part in a minute’s silence. During that minute we will remember those workers and their relatives whom have been injured, made ill, or killed by their work. Many of these workers and their families are clients of our personal injury and industrial disease departments. In participating in the one minute silence, Oliver & Co vow to ‘Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living’, the slogan for the day.

Each year on 28 April, IWMD is marked around the world to Remember the dead, Fight for the living. We will remember those killed, made ill, or injured by their own or someone else’s work. These workers have suffered injuries in workplace accidents or developed industrial diseases such as asbestos related cancers, asbestosis, pleural thickening and other lung diseases. Often these conditions are permanent and cause ongoing discomfort and distress. Other workers and their families have developed fatal conditions such as mesothelioma, as a result of exposure to asbestos. Their pain and suffering and that of their families should not be forgotten.

Far too many workers and their families suffer each and every year. It is estimated that there are up to 50,000 deaths each year from work-related illnesses and 2,000 of these from mesothelioma. This is heavy price to pay simply for going out to earn a living.

To this day, workers continue to be exposed to harmful chemicals and industrial noise without proper and often simple precautions being taken to protect them, such as hearing protection. Simple measures, which if adopted, could avoid irreversible and sometimes fatal lung diseases which devastate families.

International Workers Memorial Day has adopted the colour purple. Oliver & Co will holding a dress down day on 28 April and its staff are being encouraged to incorporate the colour purple into their clothes on that day. All proceeds will be donated Macmillan Cancer Support with whom Oliver & Co work closely. Macmillan provide invaluable support to those living with cancer, whether or not caused by work.

Oliver & Co continue to support initiatives to promote health and safety in the workplace as part of our ongoing commitment to International Workers Memorial Day. We have assisted Paul Rowen MP, by providing information in support of his campaign for a register of asbestos in schools and colleges. We also support the establishment of an Employer’s Liability Insurance Bureau to ensure that those workers whom have been injured or developed an industrial disease are not prevented from claiming proper compensation simply as a result of a defunct company failing to keep proper records of their insurance.