Mesothelioma Action Day 2009

Friday 27th February marked Mesothelioma Action Day, with meetings taking place across the country to raise awareness about the dangers of exposure to asbestos, and to highlight the need for funding for research into mesothelioma.

In Liverpool, Civic Dignitaries, sufferers of mesothelioma and their families, healthcare professionals and members of the legal profession participated in a public meeting held at the Liverpool Town Hall. Representatives from Oliver and Co were present to support the campaign for greater funding and research into treatment for asbestos conditions.

A release of sponsored doves in memory of all those who have died from mesothelioma opened the meeting, followed by speeches from various professionals.

Andrew McDonald, Barrister, provided an update on the legal issues, focusing on three main areas; namely the Trigger Litigation, lung cancer absent asbestosis claims, and the recent case of Rice v Thompson regarding the Merseyside Docks’ claims.  Andrew McDonald also highlighted the need to set up an Employers Liability Insurers Bureau, similar to that in place for motorists under the Motoring Insurers Bureau, to provide a safety net for employees where a relevant insurance policy could not be found. He urged those attending the meeting to write to their local MPs in this regard to lend some weight to the campaign.

Dr. Chris Warburton, Chest Consultant at Aintree Chest Centre, subsequently delivered an informative presentation, touching on issues such as exposure, forms of asbestos and symptoms. He discussed some of the newer forms of treatment, including Pemetrexed, radical surgery approach and conventional chemotherapy, and also addressed some of the difficulties the medical profession has in diagnosing asbestos-related illnesses. In keeping with one of the primary purposes of the meeting, Dr Warburton also raised the issue of funding for research into mesothelioma.

Questions were invited from members of the public to the two experts, with one of major concerns being highlighted that many people seem to associate asbestos-related diseases with the “older” generation, ignoring the fact that asbestos is still present in the workplace today and is an ongoing danger. Calls were made therefore to increase awareness of this deadly substance in order to protect today’s workforce.

Further information

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